Pitbull Terrier

pitbull dogThe American Pitbull Terrier, referred to as a ” Pit Bull” is a confident, powerful, agile, eager, loving, and sometimes high energy dog with high stamina (called drive). They are great couch potatoes if they get the required playtime daily. They are a medium to high energy dog breed, which means if they don’t get 30 minutes of exercise a day, they may exhibit behaviors associated with anxiety, boredom, nervous energy, and such. These behaviors may look like disobedience, but really they usually just need to get their energy out in a positive way. All puppies chew in the beginning (it is a phase), but chewing by adult dogs, pottying in the house, destroying things, losing their manners, separation anxiety, running and ripping through the house can usually be associated with just too much energy. With the Pitbull Terrier, remember that a tired dog is a happy and obedient dog.

Pitbull Terrier Qualities

Confidence: The Pitbull Terrier should be a confident dog. Confidence is a characteristic of the breed, but continued socialization also improves this characteristic. A confident dog will be less inclined to be fearful of learning new things, smelling new smells, and seeing new things. Confidence is important because a confident dog will not see the “new and unknown” as a threat and they will not respond to new things in a negative way. Confidence is a quality that is natural in this breed.

Eagerness to Please: The Pitbull has a long history of being one of those breeds that is eager to please their owner or handler. In fact, this was one of the qualities purposely bred into them so long ago. Breeders would purposely choose breeding stock exhibiting this quality(along with other characteristics), because this eagerness meant that training and handling was so much quicker and easier for the owner. This is true today for new owners. Eagerness to please means that basic training will be easier. If a dog has a task or a job (such as hunting or service for a disability or being a show dog), this breed is more than likely to excel at this training faster and more efficiently than some other breeds.

Power: This breed exhibits a power like no other for it’s size. This power coupled with all their other fine characteristics, makes them a suitable working breed for hog hunting, competitive sports like weight pull, lure course, and swimming, military and police K9, or herding. Really, there’s nothing that I would say this breed can’t do.

Drive/Stamina: These dogs can have extremely active lives if their owners desire. Hundreds of years ago, one of the characteristics that was bred into these dogs was drive, stamina, and an ability not just to perform a task – but also complete it. This quality complements all of this breed’s other natural qualities. For active families, drive and stamina means your couch potato dog (he will be snoozing after) can keep up with your active lifestyle of hiking, jogging, swimming, etc. For families who just want a family dog, this means he will get the frisbee or ball over and over until his child is ready to stop playing. For working dog families, this means he will catch the hog no matter what or chase the suspect even after he has ran for 20 minutes. Drive is not a negative thing; this breed only needs 30 minutes or so of exercise a day. But, if more is offered, they won’t give up.

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