Pitbull Colors

rednose pitbull
Red Nose Pit Bull
One of the things that many love about this breed is it’s variety of coat colors. There is a rainbow of Pitbull colors. Some coat colors are common and some are more unique. Regardless of the dog’s coat color, the coat should always be short, flat, and shiny. Depending on the coat color of the dog, the nose leather will either be black or the same color as the dogs predominant coat color. For example, some blue dogs may have blue noses or black noses. A blue dog would never have a red nose. Below are some of the many coat colors of the Pit Bull.

Pitbull Colors And Descriptions

  • Blue Pitbull: Dog is a grayish color and may be solid grey or grey with white markings. Blue dogs will have blue or black noses.
  • Red Pitbull: Dog is a vibrant brown color with or without white markings. Red dogs will typically have red noses to match their coat.
  • Purple Pitbull: Dog is a muted shade similar to lavender. They can be solid colored or with white markings. Noses color is similar to the coat color.
  • Fawn Pitbull: Dog has a yellow toned coat. They may have a black mask, or no mask. Fawns will have black noses.
  • Blue Fawn Pitbull: Dog is a yellowed toned dog with blue (gray) undertones. Dog will have a blue hue around the eyes and a blue mask and nose leather.
  • Brindle Pitbull: This is a pattern of stripes. These stripes are on any color base coat.
  • Tri Pitbull: This is also a pattern of 3 color points (tan points on the legs above the eyes, and cheeks). Two of the colors are white and tan, the third color can either be blue, black, purple, chocolate, or red. “Trindle” is a brindle pattern where the tan points usually are.
  • Merle Pitbull: Merle is also a pattern that can be found on any base coat color. Merle is a series of dark splotches on a lighter base coat. Nose will match appropriately with the whatever the base color is.
  • White Pitbull: This is a solid white dog with no other markings. Nose will be either black, liver, or red.
  • Black Pitbull: This dog will have a solid black coat or can be black with white markings. Nose color will always be black.
  • Chocolate Pitbull: Chocolate is a deeper shade of red. Chocolate dogs will have a chocolate tone and their noses will also be chocolate. They may or may not have white markings.


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