Famous Pit Bull Breeds In History – Their Traits And Characteristics

Pit bulls have been one of the most popular dog breeds in the US and UK, due to their various characteristics that are very suitable as a pet dog. Pit bulls are known to be strong, affectionate, friendly, and loyal to their owners. These are the breeds of dog that are not scary, so that even little children can play with them without being scared.

There are many famous pit bull dogs in history (not just the common blue nose pit bulls and the red nose pit bulls that most people are familiar with today), and these breeds are still popular even today maybe even more popular then ever. Here are the traits and characteristics of the famous pit bull breeds in history:

1. Bull Terrier

Originally bred as a fighting dog in the old days, the bull terrier has evolved to become a good companion, watchdog, and guard dog today. This breed of pit bull can be recognized by its oval head shape combined with a strong build. There are two types of bull terrier that you can find, which is the small one (around 14 inches) and the standard one (around 24 inches). They have small dark-colored eyes and black-colored nose. This dog needs constant companionship from the owners, so leaving this dog alone for a long time is not recommended.

2. American Bulldog

This pit bull breed was originated from England and was commonly used as a fighting dog. However, upon coming to America, this dog breed was commonly used as a guard dog for farm stock. The American Bulldog breed has a square-shaped head with powerful jaws, combined with its compact, muscular, and strong body. The dog can be aggressive if not trained properly, and once it is trained, the dog can be loyal, brave, and friendly for the entire family members.

3. American Staffordshire Terrier

While this dog breed is commonly bred in Staffordshire, England, it was actually first bred in Birmingham, US. The popularity of this dog is slightly decreasing, especially after World War 2, whereas before that, this dog was one of the most popular dog breeds in the US and UK. Just like the other pit bulls, this dog has a strong build, with stiff hair and a broad head. The trait of this dog breed is a little bit stubborn, and if you didn’t train the dog, it might easily disobey you as the owner. However, with a disciplined training, this dog can be turned into a loyal and dependable dog as your pet.

4. American Pit Bull Terrier

This dog breed was used as a fighting dog in the old days, but as time goes by, the dog breed has been used to hunt wild cattle, to help as a therapy dog, and to work together with the police. It is a medium-sized dog breed with the musculature that is strong and a smooth coating. The dog breed comes with various color patterns and combinations. While this dog breed still has its own aggressive nature, it is very enthusiastic to please its owner when you train it well.

5. Staffordshire Bull Terrier

At the time when the dog fighting blood sports was one of the most popular entertainments for the people, the Staffordshire bull terrier was bred to create a dog breed that can endure such dangerous animal fighting games. Thus, the characteristics of this dog breed are strong, aggressive, and sometimes uncontrollable. However, when you train the dog with a strict, disciplined training, it will eventually show its total obedience to its owner. The dog has quite a small face, with strong jaws, small ears, black nose, and dark eyes.

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