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5 Dog Treats And Chews That Are Safe And Healthy For Your Pit Bull

If you love your pit bull (whether you have a blue pit or red pit), you’ll need to make your dog happy all the time. Since pit bulls, just like any other dog maybe even more so, love to chew on something, why not just give your dog something to chew on and have fun with? Your treats and chews should be long-lasting, and of course, safe for your dog. Some dog chews and treats out there are actually not healthy for your dog, since they contain chemicals that are dangerous for their health. So, it’s better to choose the chews and treats carefully, preferably it should be natural, healthy, non-staining, and digestible. Here are 5 dog treats and chews that are safe and healthy for your pit bull:

1. The Himalayan Dog Chew

This is the all-natural chew for your dog, which is made from cow milk or yak, following the unique Himalayan recipe. The price for this treat is quite expensive, however, the long-lasting appeal of this dog chew can justify your investment for it. With high quality protein that is included within the chew, combined with the delicious smell, it will be a healthy and delicious treat for your pit bull dog for a few weeks.

2. Thick Bully Sticks

Thick Bully Sticks are sticks made specifically for pit bulls. They are made of the dried bull pizzles, which is digestible and contain a high protein and healthy nutrients. Due to its composition, these bully sticks can also help to increase the stamina of your pit bull dog. However, be mindful that there are various types of bully sticks out there. The thick bully sticks are the ones that you should choose for your pit bull, since it will last longer when the dog chews it. However, for pit bull puppies, smaller bully sticks are recommended.

3. Kong Extreme Ball

It’s a rubber ball that is made specifically to be chewed by strong dogs, such as pit bulls. This is the product that is usually used by pit bull breeders to train police dogs, and it is extremely effective in making your dog spend most of his time chewing this thing. The size is big enough for your dog to chew, but it is not too small either. It is durable, and it will last longer than most dog toys out there. It is also a very good product that will let you play with your dog every once in a while.

4. Deer Or Elk Antlers

Chews or treats that are made from deer or elk antlers are usually good and healthy for your dog. Since deer and elk will usually shed their antlers every year. This is a natural behavior of these animals, and thanks to that, even your pit bull puppy can benefit from it. Chewing antlers should be a good and healthy activity for your pit bull, since it contains a lot of minerals inside. Just make sure that you pick the antlers that are long enough for your pit bull to chew on.

5. Compressed Buffalo Tripe Bone

Again, this is another dog treat that is made from an animal. Dogs can get crazy chewing this type of treat because of how delicious it is, and because of its digestibility, your dog may ask you to bring another tripe bone once he is done with the current one. Don’t worry if your pit bull digests this dog treat, since it is full of good minerals and nutrients that are healthy for your dog. It’s better for you to pick the tripe bone that is thick enough for your pit bull, since it will last longer for your pit bull dog.

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